skeet shooting and target practice

Whether you are a skilled shooter or a beginner, you will enjoy the opportunity to practice or learn here at F14. 

Try your luck at skeet or simply practice shooting targets. 

camp fire

Campfire is one of the richest times you will spend at F14.

It's such a great time to unpack the experiences learned throughout the week at the camp. 

It's also a great time to have some fun with our branding irons. We will let you cut your own slice of wood with a chainsaw (under supervision) and you can brand a souvenir to take home with you. 

jailhouse pictures

Our jailhouse pictures are always a hit. 

Go through our wardrobe of crazy hats and other garments, and have your picture taken in the LKR Corral Jail House.



Named one of Texas' top ten swimming holes. Only a 5 minute drive from F14 Camp. 

Corral Theater

There are few places like this left in the world.  Movies in an outdoor open air sit down drive in type theater. Only a 5 minute drive from F14 Camp

Jacobs well

Ranked #2 in the "10 Best Swimming Holes in Texas" by Texas Hill Country Blog. Only a 7 minute drive from F14 Camp.


Texas' premier hand blown glass lighting and art glass studio. Schedule a group tour for a glassblowing demonstration. Only a 7 minute drive from F14 Camp.

Shop the Square

Wimberley has long been known as a shopping destination. With its quaint shops, boutiques and stores, there is something for everyone. Only a 5 minute drive from F14 Camp. 

Zip Line Adventure

Prepare for highflying fun as you harness up and glide through the air on this thrilling, action packed zipline adventure. Only a 5 minute drive from F14 Camp. 


Canyon Lake is known as the Water Recreation Capital of Texas. The finest boat and watercraft rentals. Only a 25 minute drive from F14 Camp. 

Float the guadalupe

Easily the most popular river to float in Texas. Only a 35 minute drive from F14 Camp.


Over 70 acres of family fun. Ranked the #1 waterpark in the world. Only a 45 minute drive from F14 Camp.