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Over 100 years ago, Henry David Thoreau said "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation". According to Freedom14 Camp founder, Michael Hogan, that is perhaps more true today than at any time in history. "We are all searching for some divine purpose. And if we believe what God says in His word that we are created in His image, why can't we believe that He has a higher calling for us, far greater than we could ever imagine?"

Michael & Tawnya Hogan

Michael & Tawnya Hogan

And that is where our story began...

Michael & Tawnya Hogan along with their children, Lynnsey, Katelyn and Reagan, began the journey of building Freedom14 Camp in 2009. Michael left the security of his 14 year corporate career to search and find his divine purpose. He said "I'll admit that a non-profit camp ministry had never even crossed my mind and probably wouldn't have been part of my plan. But it was really God's plan that I was seeking because I knew that only He could fill the void and desperation in my heart. I was done with doing things my way. It was nearly a year after we purchased the property that it became clear to us that God wanted us to build this camp".  After five years of prayer and trusting, F14 was finally open and the first retreat was in January of 2014. Since then, hundreds of men, women and children from all over the globe have experienced what Freedom14 Camp has to offer.


Left to right:

Michael, Lynnsey, Katelyn, Tawnya and Reagan

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